Artisan Cheese Displays

Brides + grooms are upping the ante this year with cheese displays. They’re usually the same old run-of-the-mill displays, but I’m loving the idea of featuring artisan cheese + a someone who specializes in cheese profiles. Guests can learn all sorts of interesting tidbits, and it makes for a great conversation starter!

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Photo: Jenny DeMarco

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Invitation Etiquette

Coming up with the perfecting wording for invites is no small task. And one of the trickiest parts is deciding how to let people know what the dress code is. So here are a few quick tips on wording that important side note:

  • Black Tie: this is the most formal dress code. Specifying “Black Tie” implies that men should wear a tux and women should wear a floor length gown.
  • Black Tie Invited: this still implies that the even is upscale, and the majority of guests will in fact don their best outfits!
  • Elegant Attire or Formal Attire: gentlemen will usually opt for a nice suit + tie, and women will wear a long, formal dress.
  • Cocktail Attire or Cocktail Chic: this calls for dress slacks + button down shirts for men, and shorter {but not too short} cocktail dresses for ladies.
  • Casual Attire – this is common for garden and beach weddings. Most guys will don a pair of khakis and the ladies may wear a pretty sun dress.
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RahRah Designs

These monogrammed bathing suits are the perfect gift for bridesmaids! Host a fun summer pool party and present each of your maids with a summer essentials bag {think sunscreen, some cute shades, and a pair of pretty flip flops} complete with this super cute bathing suit =)

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