Tidbits + Tips | Floral Trends

It seems like there are always new bridal trends coming and going, and we love keeping up as the times change. We particularly love the direction that bridal floral has been going recently. Loosely tied, wild bouquets are popping up everywhere; and we could not be more excited, friends! Looser bouquets give off such a romantic feeling, which is perfection while making your way down the aisle to your beau. We personally love when a good mixture of greenery is involved as well! For our more daring gals, adding ribbons to your bouquet gives a more whimsical, bohemian look. Take a look below at some of our favorite loose bouquets!

Colorful Wedding at The Acre | RW Events

Photo: Ashley Jane Photography | Floral: Lee Forrest Design
Romantic Bridal Bouquet | RW Events
Photo: Ashley McCormick Photography | Floral: Flowers by Lesley
Pink Bridal Bouquet | RW Events
Photo: NIMA Photography | Floral: Velvet & Twine
Organic Bridal Bouquet | RW Events
Photo: Studio 829 | Floral: Flowers by Milk & Honey

Tidbits + Tips | First Looks

My honey and I are on the fence about doing a first look; what do you think?

One of the first questions we always ask our couples is if they’re considering a first look, or saving the moment for down the aisle. As a team of Southern gals, we understand and appreciate traditions. But if we’re being honest, sometimes you just have to break the rules for pure awesomeness {like a first look}! If you’ve never heard of this term before, let us to break it down for you… A first look is when you + your lovey see each other and take photos before the ceremony.

Here’s why we love this concept:

  • All those jitters you feel before the ceremony will go down tremendously when you get to see your other half first.
  • There’s less pressure with hardly any eyes on you {besides your darling photographer and videographer}. This equals real reactions from your honey and gives you the freedom to say what you want to say to each other without an audience {introverts unite!}.
  • Time. You will save SO MUCH time doing your photos together before the ceremony. You can even squeeze in the bridal party photos pre-ceremony. Save the family portraits for after the I-dos, and enjoy the remainder of cocktail hour with your guests. Hello hors d’oeuvres!

Don’t get us wrong, we love the tradition of waiting for the aisle as well. You’ll be sure to get gorgeous photos either way!


Kati Rosado Photography captured the first look of our sweet June couple, Heidi + Trevor, perfectly. Trevor’s reaction just melts our hearts! All. The. Feels.

Tidbits & Tips | Stationery

Your stationery is such an important part of the wedding, so heed these quick tips on what you’ll need and when you should send it out:

8 Months

  • Order save-the-dates
  • 6 Months

    • Send save-the-dates
    • Order your invitation suite – invites, response cards, envelopes, and thank you cards
    • 4 Months

    • Organize the guest list and prepare envelopes to be addressed
    • 2-3 Months

    • Send out your invites
    • Order ceremony programs, menus, and place cards
    • Post Wedding

    • Send thank you cards within two weeks of returning from your honeymoon


    Photo: Ashley McCormick Photography

Tidbits & Tips | Guest Accommodations

Hosting a destination wedding? Then you’re more than likely going to need accommodations for your guests. Check out a few of our top tips for finding the perfect host hotel:

  • Location – if your venue doesn’t offer overnight rooms, select a hotel or two {depending on how many guests you’re expecting} that are near your wedding location, preferably within a 15 minute drive. Your guests are already coming a long way to attend your wedding so try to keep accommodations close by.
  • Transportation – does your host hotel offer transportation services from the local airport to the hotel? Better yet, would they offer {or be able to book} guest transportation from the hotel to your venue?
  • Amenities – what sort of on-site amenities do they offer {swimming pool, gym, spa, restaurants, complimentary wi-fi, etc.}? Many guests will make a mini vacation out of destination weddings, so look into other attractions or activities nearby for guests to enjoy. A fun idea is to include a list of local attractions in a welcome bag for each guest. Some hotels can arrange a room drop or provide these to guests upon arrival.
  • Room blocks – does your hotel offer room blocks? These allow the host to reserve a specific number of rooms usually at a discounted rate {which can be passed on to your guests}.

Shopping Guide {The Bridal Edition}

Planning a wedding is quite stressful – trust us, we know girl. Though coordinating the ceremony and reception may be the most important area of focus, shopping for the bride’s gown is undoubtedly the most exciting part! Many of our brides come to us bearing timeline questions, such as: “When should I purchase my veil and accessories?” Well, we’re here to break it all down for you:

10-12 months remaining
If you’re anything like us, your Pinterest boards are full of gown inspiration. Bring photos to your stylist at your shopping appointment so that everyone is on the same page in order to find the dream dress. If at all possible, we’d suggest limiting your entourage to two or three people. Bridal gowns are essentially custom-made, so you need to allow designers time to create and ship to you,

6-8 months remaining
Shop for your undergarments, veil, shoes, jewelry, and any other accessories. Your bridal salon very well may give you options and suggestions when you purchase your dress. It’s crucial to have these items before your first fitting! This way your seamstress can alter the dress appropriately around your accessories.

6-8 weeks remaining
Your dress should have arrived by this point, so it’s time to have the first fitting! Your undergarments are shoes will determine how your gown is altered to fit you perfectly. Once the initial adjustments are made, you may need to go in for a second fitting for smaller tweaks.

1-2 weeks remaining
Have your final fitting and pick up your dress. You may want to bring all your accessories {veil, jewelry, etc.} to see the complete look.

Engagement Session Planning

Celebrating your engagement should be fun and lighthearted, and we’re loving these e-session planning tips from our vendor pal, KT Crabb Photography!

Katie: “Date set, √. Venue booked, √. Wedding dress, √ (swoon)! Now it’s time to send out save the dates and you’re looking to book your engagement session. I imagine you have a slew of questions on how to go about setting up your session. From when to book to what to where, here are some pointers in planning your portraits!

  • Set a date – Will you be using your images for a Save the Date? Do you just want portraits to decorate your wall or reception on your wedding day? The purpose of your portraits will help to establish a time frame.
  • Set a theme – Just like planning a wedding, it’s a great idea to come up with a theme for your engagement session. Now, don’t fret, this doesn’t have to be anything crazy extravagant. I just suggest thinking of one word you would like to describe your session. This then helps the flow of deciding on a location and outfits. What do you want to remember about the two of you during this season of life? It could be general like: fun, romantic, adventurous or more specific like: camping out in the backyard, reliving your first date and so on.
  • Choose a location – When you came up with your theme, did you imagine yourself surrounded by city buildings and busy streets? Or maybe you saw yourself dipping your feet in the water during sunset on the beach? A location can simply be near and dear to your heart including your soon to be wedding venue!
  • Pick an outfit {or two} – Can I just tell you that this was the hardest decision for me when planning my own engagement session! Goodness! I went back in forth between outfits and finally settled on something completely different!! I realized that I just wanted to wear something I felt lovely in and would enjoy looking back on years from now.
  • KT Crabb Photography Engagement Session

    Photo: KT Crabb Photography

    Our favorite tip for e-sessions: Be yourself and have fun!

    Check out more tips from KT Crabb Photography here.

    Surviving a Bridal Show

    There are a few essential tips for surviving a bridal show, especially if it’s the first one you’ve attended. Here are the tops tips we’ve come up with to help make your bridal show experience fun and memorable {and yes, we’ve been to a LOT of bridal shows}:

    • Create a game plan – bridal shows are super exciting, but there’s always a lot going on. It will save you a ton of time if you plan ahead and choose which vendors you most want to meet. If there are more vendors to meet than you think you’ll have time for, bring your maid of honor, mom, or close friend who can help you out.
    • Know your wedding date – if you’re flexible on the date, try to at least have a particular month selected. It will help you determine which vendors will be an option for you.
    • Know your budget – this is essential when hunting down your vendor team. Knowing your budget will help you narrow down the search so you can spend more time speaking with vendorsfit within your price range.
    • Dress comfortably – you’ll be doing a lot of walking, so we always recommend wearing comfy flats or sandals.

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    Honoring Your Loved Ones

    Saying “thank you” goes a long way when it comes to wedding planning, heck it goes a long way even when you’re not planning a wedding! So if there are guests that you’d like to honor during your special day, but you aren’t able to have them in the wedding party, consider some of these options to show them how much you care:

    • Ask them to do a reading, give a speech, or perform a song – if they’re pretty outgoing, ask them to be part of your event in a public way.
    • Write a handwritten note – this a super sweet gesture for anyone who’s more reserved. Leave a note or letter at their reception seat, and make sure to include specific reasons as to why you’re thanking them.
    • Feature a memory or photo table – this is by far my favorite way to honor special people in your life! Purchase some pretty frames {or you can rent them from us ;-)} and display on a large table.
    • Leave a special gift for them – a thoughtful gift {especially something handmade} can do a long way when it comes to saying “Thank You.”
    • Thank them in your wedding speech – make sure to give a shout-out to those that helped you plan the wedding.

    Memory Table Photo Display

    Photo: Ashley McCormick Photography

    Timeline for the Groom

    Timelines are such an important part of wedding planning! They keep everyone organized and on task, and help to keep stress to a minimum {which is always a plus with weddings}. Most wedding timelines are pretty general, but here are a few things to throw in especially for the groom:

    9-12 Months Out

    • Host an engagement party {this is typically the responsibility of the groom’s parents}.
    • Choose your best man and groomsmen.
    • Start planning the honeymoon {this is normally the groonm’s job, but ask your fiance if there’s anywhere in particular she’d like to go ;-)}

    3-5 Months Out

    • Choose outfit for the guys and purchase your own wedding attire.
    • Start the search for the weddings rings {this is super important, so don’t forget to add it to your timeline}.
    • Plan the rehearsal dinner.

    2-3 Months Out

    • Purchase gifts for your groomsmen.
    • Make sure each of your guys has their wedding day attire, and that it fits properly. If anyone needs alterations, get a fitting scheduled.

    3-4 Weeks Out

    • Write or practice your vows.
    • Apply for your marriage license.
    • Attend your bachelor party.
    • Prepare a speech for the rehearsal dinner and wedding.

    Less than 1 Week Out

    • Get a hair cut {nothing too drastic, just a nice trim}.
    • Confirm any transportation that has been booked {limos, buses, etc.}.
    • If you’re staying at a hotel prior to the wedding, pack your bag early to make sure nothing gets left behind.

    Regardless of where you are in the planning process, remember that the wedding is for both you! Your bride will want your input and advice, so don’t be shy in giving it =)