Today’s chatter :: Wedding Day Essentials

Yes, you’ve heard it 1000 times, well here’s to 1001 – YOU should always pack an emergency kit, especially if you didn’t hire a professional wedding planner. This kit should cover all of the mishaps {and forgetfulness} that occur while you and your bridal party prepare for the big day. The essentials:

Emergency Kit Essentials | RW Events

Toothbrush, tooth paste + mouthwash
Breath mints
Make-up removing cloths
Mini sewing kit – needle, thread, safety pins, scissors, liquid stitch
Hollywood Fashion Tape (different sizes)
Mini first aid kit – Band-Aid, gauze, antibiotic cream
Pain reliever
Sanitary products
Static Guard
Eye lash glue
Blotting cloths

Quick tip: Pack white chalk. Yes, basic chalk. It’s great for masking a stain on white/ivory dresses.

Oh, and if you are addicted to your cell phone pack an extra charger or portable charger.

The 411 on Settees

Our settees and sofas are some of our most popular rental items. Not only are they gorgeous, they add functional seating, look stunning in photos, and they add lots of character to any cocktail hour or reception! If you love antiques as much as we do, you know that antique sofas come in ALL shapes and sizes. Did you know that each one of those different styles has a name? Read on to learn more about the different style of sofas in the RW Style family!

Blue Settee

Key Features
Resembles Chair more than a Sofa
Upholstered back and seat
Padded Arms (French Fauteuil style)
Featured RW Inventory – {Clarissa}

Empire Sofa

Empire Style Sofa
Key Features
Bolster-Style Cushions Tucked Beneath Large Arms
Extensive Carving on Frame
Featured RW Inventory – {Demi}

Victoria Cameo Back Settee

Victorian Cameo Back Settee
Key Features
Circular Cameo Design on Back
Featured RW Inventory – {Ruby}

Rococo Revival Settee

Rococo Revival Settee
Key Features
Strong Curvilinear Shapes
Cabriole Legs
Serpentine Seat Rail
Featured RW Inventory – {Diana}

Featured Inventory | Clarissa

Miss Clarissa recently had a makeover, and boy oh boy did she turn out beautifully! This upholstered settee was once a subdued shade of raspberry; now she’s a lively, vibrant blue and is dying to make an appearance! She’s booking quickly for Fall 2016, so make sure you inquire today to book this pretty lady for your wedding.

RW Events | Clarissa | Blue Upholstered Bench

Kate the Great

If you’re still on the hunt for a wedding guestbook, look no further. Miss Kate Spade has come through once again with one that is sure to make you swoon.
It’s simple and elegant with a touch of fun {hello gold polka dots!} in true Kate Spade fashion. My favorite part though is a little surprise in the back of the book. The last couple pages are for “Confidentially Speaking” where guests can write their well wishes, memories, and tips on a {gold rimmed} card and slip it into a miniature {gold lined} envelope. Seeing the trend here? {We like gold}
I love this because…

  • Miniature envelopes are just cute
  • No snooping! You can write your thoughts to the happy couple knowing it is for their eyes only
  • How fun would that be as the B&G?! Opening up lots of little envelopes with thoughts from all of the people you love most in the world

Blog #2

While you’re at it, go ahead and add {this guy} to your cart too and I’ll sit back and live vicariously through your perfectly adorable Kate accented wedding.

Creating a Backup Plan

Unfavorable weather can certainly put a damper on a wedding, but if you’ve got a good backup plan in place there’s really nothing to worry about! Check out a few of our quick tips for creating a Plan B:

  • Not enough indoor space – tents are the best bet if your venue can’t accommodate an indoor event. Speak with your onsite contact to see if this is something that can be rented in-house, or if they have preferred contacts.
  • Don’t forgo side walls on a tent – these help keep the rain out and the heat in {for winter events}.
  • Consider the season – think about bringing in fans for hot/humid summer weather, or space heaters if it’s chilly outside. For summer events, feature a fun beverage station with chilled water and lemonade {and maybe a gourmet coffee bar for the winter months}.
  • Set aside a contingency fund – if a tent is needed, it’s important that you set aside money for extras {lighting, walls, draping, etc.} since tents are basic structures.

Clear Top Tent

Photo: Misty Miotto Photography

A Perfect Menu

Couples are always asking how to go about planning their wedding menu. There are definitely a lot of things to account for, but don’t make it more of an ordeal than it should be. These are just a few of the questions {with answers} almost every couple has when determining their meal:

  • How many appetizers should we serve?
    Usually three to four provides enough selection for your guests. But, if you want to throw in another couple of options, go for it! Just keep in mind that you still want your guests to be hungry for their meal =)
  • Should we do a buffet or a plated meal?
    Plated meals are great if you want an elegant event without interruptions. A buffet is better suited for more casual affairs.
  • What’s the best service option?
    There really isn’t one service option that is best for all weddings. It really depends on the style of your event, and how you want everything to flow. Personally, I love weddings that feature food stations. They’re interactive and get your guests mingling!
  • What foods should we feature?
    When choosing your menu, think seasonally! Foods that are in season will be less expensive, plus much fresher. It’s also fun to incorporate your favorite foods, or even family recipes.