Inventory in Action | Willow + Emmett

These two are quickly becoming the popular kids over at Cypress Grove! Miss Willow and Mr. Emmett make the perfect pair for events with a rustic elegant feel, a favored theme at this romantic lakeside venue. Instead of the traditional white or ivory draping, the couple opted to frame these two pieces with a fun colored option making their sweetheart display really pop!

Willow + Emmett {rustic sweetheart table + wine barrel buffet}

Tidbits + Tips | Bridemaid Gifts

Having been a bridesmaid myself several times, my favorite gift was a beauty bag stocked with skin care + make-up minis to use during wedding week. And with black Friday and cyber Monday just around the corner, now’s the time to stock up on items you’d like to share with your gals =) Ulta is my go-to for beauty products and they’ve already got tons of items on sale! Be sure to use code 401534 at checkout to receive $3.50 off an order of $15 or more!

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask | 3 for $5
The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask | 3 for $5
The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer | $20
The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer | $20
Bare Minerals 4 Piece Set | $13.50
Bare Minerals 4 Piece Set | $13.50
Burt's Bees Tips + Toes Kit | $12.99
Burt’s Bees Tips + Toes Kit | $12.99

Tidbits + Tips | Social Media Etiquette

1The age of social media has changed how many of us behave in our day-to-day lives. We seek out the perfect Instagram photo and retake it until we get it right; we post our thoughts to Twitter with hardly even the thought of a filter; and when it comes to big occasions like pregnancy announcements or engagements, we are sure to let our whole social network know about our special day.

But what do you do when your daily activities coincide with someone else’s special day – for example, someone’s wedding? After all, being a wedding guest is fun, and most fun occasion should be shared online. However, it is important that wedding guests are respectful of the bride and groom’s wishes when it comes to documenting their nuptials. Here are a few tips to handling wedding day social media with ease:

Don’t Post Until After The Ceremony

A wedding ceremony is more than just a pretty picture on an app. The ceremony should be experienced “IRL” – and that means turning off the phone until the couple has said “I do.” Imagine what might happen if the groom, casually scrolling through Instagram before the ceremony starts, finds a photo of his bride in her wedding dress! Carelessly posting photos to your feed can spoil the magic of someone else’s wedding.

Of course, some couples may want you to keep their newsfeed updated. Some even designate a “Tweeter of Honor” for their wedding, whose job is to make sure that the World Wide Web has up-to-the-minute wedding information. If you’re that person, post away. But if you’re not, it is a wiser decision not to post at all.

Stay Out Of The Photographer’s Way

A woman walking down the aisle is an iconic image. She looks striking in a beautiful gown. Usually her father is by her side, beaming with pride. It’s an image so integral to the wedding that couples hire photographers to make sure they capture that magic moment, so the couple can look back on it for years to come.

Do you know what could ruin that moment? You leaning into the aisle to take a picture with your smartphone. Guests trying to snap a photo of the bride have become a common complaint for wedding photographers in recent years. To avoid becoming a nuisance (and interfering with a service the couple shelled out money for), just enjoy the bride’s walk down the aisle without photographic evidence. You can always get a photo of her lovely gown at the reception.

Flexibility is Key

It may sound like we’re telling you not to post anything at the next wedding you attend. Not so: the reception is the perfect time to get your post on. Take a selfie with the guests at your table, film that adorable flower girl dancing on the groom’s feet, add any filter you like over that photo of your wedding cake. However, don’t be surprised if not every photo gets to stay.

Be flexible with your posts, and realize that it is someone else’s special day. If the bride calls you and asks you to take down a photo because her mother-in-law doesn’t like how she looks in it, happily oblige. After all, you’d hope that when you get married, she’d do the same for you.

Article by: Naomi Shaw

Favorite Friday | BBJ Marble Collection

While some of the gals in our office are suckers for stationery {ahem, Tamuel}, I’m a lover of linen. I could seriously dream up tablescapes with creative textures, patterns, and colors all day! One of my new favs is the marble collection from BBJ linen – it incorporates perfectly subdued colors with a simple design. The ideal combination for the trendy bride looking to blend modern flair with classic elements.

Real Weddings | Winter Inspiration

Can you believe that winter is right around the corner!? In just a few short weeks we’ll be welcoming holiday decor + hot chocolate to our weddings and we can’t wait!

Lakeside Winter CeremonyOne of our favorite winter weddings took place at Cypress Grove Estate House – the combination of semi sparkly details, greenery, and rustic details was sheer perfection.

We {almost} couldn’t believe that each of the table runners were handmade by the bride’s mom!


RW Chronicles | Philanthropy

The RW gals love partnering with our vendor pals to help out the local community! Last month Cara + Shadow met up with Tuesday’s Together {a group of local industry professionals that meets each month for networking and community service} to help pack meals for Central Florida families. We’re so grateful to be part of such a wonderful group of creatives!

Feeding Children Everywhere

Fall Inspiration | Pumpkins

Can’t have Autumn without pumpkins now can you!? How about a fall inspired wedding? If your wedding style involves a seasonal touch, these pumpkins infused into centerpieces, aisle decorations, and venue details can make a statement without being cheesy. A few of our favs – pumpkin guest sign in, escort cards/favors, and monogrammed pumpkins!

Fall Wedding | Pumpkin Details