Favorite Friday | Bridal Bouquets

Did you know that bridal bouquets were once mainly created from herbs and spices? It’s said these were used to keep evil spirits away as the bride + groom entered into a new season of life together. We’re definitely glad that bouquets have evolved over the years {although some herbs still look simply stunning in bouquets} because our team loves all things floral! And when it comes to picking out the perfect blooms, there are a few a few styles that we adore for just about every wedding!

Cascade {pictured above left} – if you’re looking to bring the drama, then this bouquet style is for you! These feature a “waterfall” shape, with flowers or greenery cascading from underneath.

Hand Tied {pictured above right} – my favorite of the bouquet styles, these feature a loose bundle of flowers bound together with ribbon. I love the organic and relaxed vibe these bouquets have – they remind me of fresh flowers picked right from the garden. Hand tied bouquets also look lovely with small berries and herbs incorporated :)

Arm Sheaf {pictured above left} – also known as presentation style, this bouquet incorporates long stemmed flowers that are cradled in the arm. These are a great option for very modern or chic affairs.

Round {pictured above right} – the quintessential bridal bouquet! Always elegant and somewhat traditional, the round bouquet works with just about every flower type you can imagine. Stems for this style of bouquet are evenly cut and tightly bound, usually with ribbon or lace.

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