Vintage Lake Lucerne Wedding

Our styling clients {Ashley + Trevor} had the sweetest little vintage wedding at The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne! We got to incorporate some of our furniture pieces + little details to add a bit of extra vintagy-goodness to their decor.

Vintage Orlando Lake Lucerne Wedding Portrait
Vintage Orlando Lake Lucerne Wedding Sweetheart Table
Vintage Orlando Lake Lucerne Wedding Tablescape
Vintage Orlando Lake Lucerne Wedding Decor

Photos: Claudette Montero Photography

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Catering 101

Dinner is such a major portion of wedding related events, so make sure you know exactly how your caterer functions. Here are a few basic things to ask them before your big day:

  • How are last minute requests handled?
    If there are a few people that show up who didn’t rsvp, will your caterer be able to accommodate them? If some guests don’t show, will the caterer be able to remove a few place settings and adjust accordingly?
  • Who will be there on wedding day?
    It’s always best to have your main point of contact there on wedding day. They’ll know all the details that have been discussed so nothing gets overlooked.
  • What is included in the per person price?
    Does it only cover food/beverages, or are things like staffing, linens, etc. built in?
  • Where does the left over food go?
    Many caterers will pack up to-go boxes for the bride and groom, but if you’d like extra for your parents or bridal party make sure to let them know.
  • Have they worked at your venue before?>
    It’s always nice to work with a caterer that is familiar with your venue. If they haven’t worked there previously, try to arrange a site visit with you main contact so they can get the lay of the land.
  • What’s the difference between a service charge and a gratuity?
    Some caterer will add a service charge to their pricing to cover things like fuel costs, overhead, etc. You can ask that they automatically add on a gratuity to your bill, or you can give your gratuity to the banquet captain the night of your event {they’ll make sure it’s evenly distributed to all the banquet staff}.

Vintage Florida Wedding

Oh my, I’ve been dying to share this {gorgeous} wedding! Our sweet clients, Mallory + Brad, had their wedding at The Cypress Grove Estate House, and boy was it perfect! We styled so many aspects of their wedding, but my favorite part was a photo table that features weddings pics of many of their guests. What a sweet way to honor them all =)

Untitled 2
Untitled 3
Untitled 7
Untitled 13
Untitled 5
Untitled 9
Untitled 19
Untitled 11
Untitled 16
Untitled 17

Photos: Ashley McCormick Photography

Invitation Etiquette

Coming up with the perfecting wording for invites is no small task. And one of the trickiest parts is deciding how to let people know what the dress code is. So here are a few quick tips on wording that important side note:

  • Black Tie: this is the most formal dress code. Specifying “Black Tie” implies that men should wear a tux and women should wear a floor length gown.
  • Black Tie Invited: this still implies that the even is upscale, and the majority of guests will in fact don their best outfits!
  • Elegant Attire or Formal Attire: gentlemen will usually opt for a nice suit + tie, and women will wear a long, formal dress.
  • Cocktail Attire or Cocktail Chic: this calls for dress slacks + button down shirts for men, and shorter {but not too short} cocktail dresses for ladies.
  • Casual Attire – this is common for garden and beach weddings. Most guys will don a pair of khakis and the ladies may wear a pretty sun dress.