It’s Not Just a Wedding

As you and your fiance plan your {amazing} wedding, don’t forget that you’re planning for a marriage too. Putting together such a large scale event can put unneeded pressure on your relationship, so it’s always important to put your fiance’s feelings first.

  • Don’t stop dating each other – just because you’re married doesn’t mean you should stop dating. Try to plan on going out at least once a week. Oh, and don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money on your date nights. An evening walk in the park {maybe with a romantic picnic planned} is just as good a date night as going to fancy restaurant =)
  • Remind your fiance {or spouse} how much you appreciate them – it can be really easy to fall into a routine when you’ve been a couple for so long. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, so remember to be thankful for the little things and try to help your fiance/spouse as much as you can {maybe by doing a chore that they really hate – like washing dishes}.
  • Always be honest – for example, if you’ve spent a bit too much on the wedding {or maybe you’ve maxed out a credit card}, don’t try to hide it from your fiance/spouse. Those bills will eventually see the light of day, and even if they seem small they can add up quickly. It’s better to be upfront with your fiance/spouse than to have something come back to bite you in the butt later.