Tuesday Tips { Inviting the “Plus One” }

Yesterday we offer some advice on which wedding guests should get a “plus one.” So, today we’re sharing a few tips on how to go about inviting those “plus one” guests =)

  • If you’re inviting a guest that’s married, or living with a significant other, a single invitation should be sent and addressed to both of them.
  • Separate invites should be sent to couples {engaged or in long term relationships} that are not currently sharing the same residence.
  • If you are allowing “plus ones,” try to find out the name of your guest’s intended date. It’s always a nice gesture to include their name on the invitation instead of “and guest.”
  • If you want to allow “plus ones” but aren’t sure who your guest will bring, simply stating “and guest” on their invite allows them to bring anyone of their choosing.

Tidbits & Tips {Who Gets a Plus One?}

What’s the rule on allowing your wedding guests to bring a guest of their own? While you don’t have to allow everyone to bring a guest, make sure you stick to the following:

  • Anyone who is married gets a plus one {even if you don’t know their spouse}.
  • Couples who are engaged.
  • Couples who are living together.
  • Any guest who’s had a steady significant other for quite some time.

Tuesday Tips { 3 Ways to Get Organized }

Staying organized while planning a wedding can be a bit tricky – there are so many details to stay on top of, and while a wedding planner {like us} will take on a large part of the organization, it always helps to have your own way of tracking things:

  • Binders – our team is obsessed with binders! They can be customized with tabs based on your needs {contracts, calendars, to do lists}, and they keep all the important details in one place.
  • Portfolios – if you don’t like traditional binders, a portable filing system {or portfolio} may be the way to go. You can even create your own with a cute tote, some filing folders, and labels.
  • Google Docs {or other online sharing site} – this is a great way to store documents if they need to be easily accessible to other people. Info stays consolidated and organized, plus docs can be viewed from just about anywhere.

Tuesday Tips { Have a Backup }

With fall engagement season in full swing, we’ve got a very important tip for you: have a backup plan for everything! With so many newly engaged couples, wedding dates, venues, and vendors are going to book up quickly. After you’ve basked for a couple of weeks in your engagement, start talking about possible wedding locations + dates. Then make a list of the most important things {an amazing photographer, fabulous food, etc.} and contact those vendors first. It always helps if you have a second choice vendor {or venue} just in case your first pick isn’t available, or if they’re out of your budget. Prioritizing these items will help you make decisions much quicker so you’ll get your perfect vendor team =)