Tidbits & Tips { Guest Seating }

Creating a seating chart can actually be a lot of fun if you go about it the right way =) You’ll want to start planning seating arrangements as soon as RSVP’s start arriving to avoid last minute headaches. Here’s a few more quick tips to help you create the perfect seating arrangement:

Sweetheart vs. Head Table

  • Tradition says that the bride + groom should sit with the best man, maid of honor, and parents. It’s usually at a rectangular table so no one has their back to the guests. Nowadays, sweetheart tables are much more popular and give the bride + groom some time to themselves. It’s also much easier to set a sweetheart table if you’re parents have split up, the best man or maid of honor is married, etc. Consider doing a head table and seating your bridal party at their own table. Parents can also host their own tables with close family + friends.

Seating Arrangements

  • Decide whether you want guests to be at long, rectangular tables or traditional rounds. One fun option is to mix and match the table sizes + shapes. The size of the tables will dictate how many guests should be seated at each. It’s always best to assign each guest a table {avoid open seating if possible}, but you’d don’t have to place them in a particular seat. Try to group guests who have similar interests so they’ll have lots to talk about {work colleagues, school friends, etc}. If you can’t avoid splitting guests up, leave a fun activity at each table {like a quiz about you and your fiance} to get guests chatting =)

Seating Charts

  • Make sure your seating chart is clearly visible and easy to read {avoid too much calligraphy and complicated charts}. The best place to put it is near the cocktail hour so guests will know their seating assignment before dinner. If you’re expecting a large number of guests, consider setting up two charts in different areas of the space. Make sure to also provide a list of guests to your wedding planner – they can assist guests that can’t quite find their seat. It helps to create a seating chart that can easily be changed {think chalk boards, mirrors, window panes, etc}. That way you won’t have to worry about reprinting anything.

Seating Charts

Photos: Two Foxes Photography, Amanda Watson Photography

Tidbits & Tips { For the Mother of the Groom }

Being the mother of the groom {or the bride for that matter} can be hard work! From hosting family gatherings to helping with wedding plans, there can be just as much work for the MOB as there is for the couple. Here’s a few quick tips to keep wedding planning fun:

  • Get rid of your own expectations – Do your best to support the decisions of the bride + groom, even if they aren’t what you’d want at a wedding. Giving too much input can cause a lot of unnecessary stress on the couple.
  • Choose your battles – If you do have a lot of requests, choose one or two that are the most important to you and present them in a kind way to bride + groom {like a long standing family tradition, mother/son dance, etc}.
  • Start on the foot – If you want to be super involved, offer to help out when you notice the couple is stressing. They’re likely to pass off a few items for you to assist with =)
  • Don’t over promise – Make sure you can deliver what you’ve promised. Like the bride + groom, don’t commit yourself to doing too many projects and then finding yourself having to cut a few at the last minute. Believe me, it’s not worth the hassle!
  • Know the in-laws – Getting to know your soon-to-be in-laws is super important. After all, they’re about to become part of the family! Invite them over for lunch with the bride + groom so you can spend some time with them before the wedding.

Tidbits & Tips { Engagement Parties Part II }

Last week we shared a few tips on planning engagement parties – today will finish up with a few final tips for the perfect soiree!

How to invite guests?

  • Since engagement parties are usually less formal than the actual wedding, feel free to keep it simple! If you’ve already picked out your stationer, ask if they can offer you a special rate for invite to the engagement party.

What to eat?

  • Engagement parties are usually light-hearted and fun, so keep the food simple with passed hors d’oeuvres or a fun stations setup. I love brunch style events with biscuit bars, omelet stations, and a few sweet treats =)

How do you set the scene?

  • The decor your select doesn’t have to match what you’ve picked out for the wedding. If you’re going for a super elegant wedding, consider doing a more relaxed engagement party. Just remember that this should be fun, not another stressful thing for you to plan!

What to wear?

  • Finally, my favorite part! I would totally encourage you to pick out a fun new outfit for your engagement party, especially since there will be lots of photos taken! Go for something that matches the style of your venue {maybe a pretty sun dress for a brunch, or cocktail dress for an evening affair}.