Tidbits & Tips { Photo Booth Props }

Photo booths are always lots of fun at weddings. Two things that make them so awesome are creative backdrops & props! Here’s a few quick tips on how to create the perfect photo booth experience:

  • Don’t go too crazy on props – avoid items like hats and masks with a band around the back. Lots of guests will be in formal hair & makeup, plus these items can sometime be difficult to get on and off.
  • Match props to a theme – if you’re going for a certain theme or color scheme, by all means incorporate that into your photo booth!
  • Finding the perfect props – check with your photo booth rental company {if you’re using one} to find out what prop packages they offer. You can also find all sorts of props and ideas on Etsy. Lots of the shop owners may even be able to create something completely custom for your event.

One thought on “Tidbits & Tips { Photo Booth Props }”

  1. I’m helping my cousin plan her wedding, and a photo booth is on her wish list. I love the idea of having custom props that match the theme and style of the wedding. Those floral wall backdrops in the photos are so creative too! Thanks for the inspiration and ideas!

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